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Apollo's Lyre is a Black Market item which you used to be able to buy with passes, but now it comes with the Harmony Pack . Apollo's Lyre has the ability to customize the name of one of your horses. Cannot be used on Divine horses.

To get to customizing a horse's name with an Apollo's Lyre, you click on the button that says name when you hover over it right above the part that shows the name of the horse and the breeding farm that it's in..

You use the Apollo's Lyre by clicking the letter you wish to customize and using the buttons to customize. You change the colors, make it underlined, bold, or italics.

Once a horse has an Apollo's Lyre applied to it, you do not need to buy a new one to change it's name again. You simply hover over the Lyre button on your horse's page and click on it, which will take you to the name-editing page.

Some players won a card known as 'Apollo's Privilege' which allows them to use Apollo's Lyre free for their whole game.
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