Equus is the official currency used in Howrse. They enable you to buy items from the store, horses in the sales and pay to stay in another player's Equestrian Center.



Earning EquusEdit

You can earn Equus by selling horses, taking part in Competitions, stroking a horse in the Safe Haven, congratulating a Topaz, doing missions with your horse, re-selling items to the store and sending your horse to the Safe Haven. You can also exchange passes for Equus.

You start off with 2 000 Equus. To see the history of your equus, click on your balance and scroll down. There you will see your financial history. To see, more click on the "See complete history" button.

Sometimes you can win equus from promos, like the Lottery.

To get equus for your EC (Equestrian Center), you can sell items to the shop, credit your reserve with passes, and use the equus your boarders pay. You get 25,000 equus when you open your EC.

Passes to Equus Edit

  • 19 passes = 9, 500 Equus
  • 99 passes = 55, 000 Equus
  • 309 passes = 200, 000 Equus
  • 689 passes = 550, 000 Equus
  • 99 passes = 1, 000, 000 Equus

Trivia Edit

  • Equus is both singular and plural. "I have only 1 equus" is singular, while "I have over 1,000 equus" is plural.
  • There doesn't appear to be a limit of how many equus you can have.
  • The player with the most equus on all of Howrse has over 1.6 billion equus.