Karma This list is not exhaustive and may be changed at any time.

Karma is basically your reputation on Howrse. A positive karma means you have a good reputation and will allow you to gain access to areas of the site. A negative karma means you have a bad reputation and may limit your access to certain features of your game.
Karma points allow you to:
  • Earn Passes every 5 points.
  • Gain access to the Sales once you have 3 points. -- now mostly dependent on seniority, though this will give you a business key.

You can gain Karma points by:
  • Every 30 days you're signed up to Howrse, you gain 1 point.
  • You get a Karma point every 10 passes purchases i.e. 1st, 11th, 21st.
  • You gain 1 point every time 5 of your sponsered players get their 1st Karma point.

You can lose Karma points by:
  • Posting and sending messages that contain Racism, sexual themes and things that contrast moral etc.
  • Posting images or text that may shock younger members on your presentation, Equestrian Center or in the forums.
  • Failing to pay the Vet when your mare gives birth.
  • Win an auction and not have enough Equus available.
  • Reserve an Auction for a player. You must use the Private Sales to reserve a horse for a player.
  • Selling a Horse for more than 20 Passes -- divines have a separate limit.
  • Using false accounts to abuse the sponership system i.e a user with one account registers another in order to gain equus and turnips.
  • Cheating in any way i.e. Using bots to take care of your horses etc.
  • Password Phishing i.e. Trying to steal other players accounts.

The new karma system means that every player receives 10 karma points, they have to maintain those points and not lose any. The maximum number of points is 10, the minimum being 0.

If you disrespect the site's guidelines, you get karma points deducted, however there are no benefits of doing anything good, apart from staying with 10 karma points.

Your karma affects your access to the game's community featuresEdit

8 points Equestrian center forum access disabled
6 points All forum access, page customization, item donations and item exchange disabled
4 points Loss of access to the sales and to proposing creations
2 points Loss of access to private messaging
0 points Two-month ban from the game