Passes are used to buy black market items and horses. They can be purchased for real money or acquired in-game. On your 30th day of seniority, you can start earning 10 points everyday you log on and once you have 300 points on the meter you play a fun short game and then you will receive a free pass on the My Passes page, and the meter will be reset.

Passes can also be used to buy a Pegasus account, or a VIP account, if you meet the requirements.

You can also earn up to 30 passes per month by sending horses aged 30+ to heaven, although only the first 10 horse per month are guaranteed passes, as after this, you may receive a black market item instead.

Clicking on a pass UFO will give you an exclusive offer that must be used within the hour, such as an additional free pass when you buy 1 regular pass.

In late 2018, the pass and currency system changed. Every 1 pass that a player had turned into 100 passes after the update.

Price Edit

1 pass = 11,50 SEK / £1.20

10 passes = 95 SEK / £10

20 passes = 190 SEK / £20

30 passes = 285 SEK / £30

100 passes = 800 SEK / £80

Converted Into Equus (Equus Page) Edit

1 pass = 50,000 Equus

3 passes = 200,000 Equus

10 passes = 800,000 Equus

20 passes = 2,000,000 Equus