A pegasus is a winged horse. Pegasi are created on Howrse by giving them Medusa's Blood, a Black Market item worth one pass. All horses and ponies over one year and eight months of age other than donkies, divines, and specials can be given the Medusa's Blood item which will instantly turn them into a pegasus as well as give a skill bonus of three percent in Stamina, four percent in Speed and four percent in Dressage.

A pegasus cannot be given a regular golden apple coat, unless the Golden Apple coat was given before the Horse recieved Medusa's Blood. A special category of golden apple coats shows up for pegasi and winged unicorns. Pegasi and winged unicorns can reproduce, foals will not be a pegasus but rather a normal foal.

Thoroughbred Pegasus
Frisien Pegasus
Pegasus GA coat
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