The Pegasus Account is a paid member service that costs 3 Passes per month, or 15 Passes for 6 months. It allows you to personalize your page, get up to 50 breeding farms regardless of your seniority, and more ways to easily manage your horses. You can find out more by going to the Passes page and clicking 'More Info' by the box that says 'Pegasus Account.'

Full DetailEdit

Tools for managing your horsesEdit

  • Create up to 50 breeding farms regardless of your seniority
  • Put up to 6 breeding farms in your favorites for more convenient access
  • Color-code (6 colors) your breeding farms to keep them organized
  • Use the check boxes to move multiple horses at once from one farm to another or to the Safe Haven
  • Sell your horses in large groups by selecting them in your breeding farms.
  • Unlock 2 additional affixes for each month of subscription
  • Select up to 20 favorite horses
  • See the detailed profile page of the progression of your horses' skills (available only for horses born after 04/16/2012)

Your own customizable pageEdit

  • Choose which modules (preferred horses, congratulations, etc.) you want to show or hide
  • Set up your profile page however you want by moving the modules around
  • Use UFOs so that players win gifts when they visit your profile page
  • Use exclusive new modules:
    • Your preferred horses
    • Your partners
    • Your sales in progress
    • Your position in the rankings
    • Your most recent messages in the forums
    • Your item trading offers

Advantages for making dealsEdit

  • Trade up to 6 items a week at the store instead of 3
  • Sell your horses for passes with auctions

Exclusive items in the Black MarketEdit

Unlock a new exclusive Black Market item: the Pieces of Cloud pack. This pack contains 20 Pieces of Cloud to place on one horse for 5 passes instead of the usual 20 passes.

The 'Pegasus Account Privilige' allows you to give a Whip bonus to each of your horses for free.