There are four seasons in Howrse, just as in real life: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. They last a week on Howrse.

Equestrian CenterEdit

If talking about an Equestrian Center, there are specific seeds that can only be planted in specific seasons. No planting is possible in the winter. However, if the center has a greenhouse, then you can plant anything at anytime, and these following rules do not apply.

Crops and Seasons Edit

Spring: Carrots - Oats - Flax

Summer: Wheat - Alfalfa

Autumn: Apple - Pass Seeds

Winter: Greenhouse required for planting. Apples cannot be planted in a greenhouse.

Season Starts -

Autumn - 1st day of the month (Real month)

Winter - 8th day of the month

Spring - 15th of the month

Summer - 22nd - end of the month