• Pumpkin
  • Bat 1
  • bat 2
  • Skeleton
  • Ghost
  • Vampire

The Bewitched Pumpkin is an item that you can add onto your horse to give him a deep very spooky and scary Halloween coat! It will give your horse one of five fiendishly scary coats: a bat, a skeleton, a ghost, a vampire or a pumpkin. It costs 1 pass.

Official Description

Thanks to the Bewitched Pumpkin, dress up your horse in a Halloween costume. He will become...

  • Bat: Your horse gets a +5 bonus to each of his skills two days on three. One day on three, it's a -15 penalty.
  • Skeleton: Your horse's morale is at 100% all the time.
  • Ghost: Each day your horse has a chance to go and visit Ow and his breeding farm. You can't do any actions with him but he'll come back the following day with gifts.
  • Vampire: Your horse makes its opponents lose 5 points in competitions.
  • Pumpkin: Each time your horse has a birthday, you earn 100 times its age in Equus . This works until he reaches his 50th birthday.

Only horses that are more than 1 year and 6 months old can use the Bewitched Pumpkin. The Bewitched Pumpkin cannot be cumulated with another special coat. If you give a Golden Apple to your horse then the Bewitched Pumpkin, it will lose its Golden Apple.

This item cannot be exchanged.

The Bewitched Pumpkin only appears around Halloween, it usually costs a few passes in the Black Market . This is the page shown when your horse 'visits' Ow's farm: