The Black Pearl is an item used for the creation of Golden Apple coats and Helios' Ray backgrounds.

To submit a creation, you must create an image that is 140 x 140 using Photoshop, GIMP, Inkscape,, etc. Then, using the Black Pearl, you can submit your creation to the Creation Space.

It will then go through validation by the Howrse team to make sure that it is not too blurry, pixelated, the wrong size, stolen, or inappropriate. If it is one of these things, it will be rejected and the passes you spent submitting your creation will be refunded. If the creation meets the criteria and is accepted, it will be voted on by the players of Howrse from every server. If it receives enough votes, the creation will be added to Howrse.

As a reward, the creator is given a certain number of equus and passes, depending on the type of work they have submitted.

Golden Apple coat with no use limitations

  • 40 passes
  • 10,000 equus

Golden Apple coat with limited number of uses

  • 20 passes
  • 10,000 equus

Helios' Ray landscape

  • 30 passes
  • 10,000 equus